5 Biggest Myths of Weight Loss

Those who do not follow a fitness regime will be conscious about weight loss. They often give up mid way because there are no quick results despite trying so many different methods such as dieting, exercising, yoga, aerobics and so on. The other thing that prevents them from seeing the right result is, exposure to certain myths which they start treating as facts. It is time to bust those myths and get fit.

  • Being Overweight Indicates Slow Metabolic Rates

The fact proven by studies is that, people who are overweight or lean have the similar base metabolic rates. Well, the metabolic rates are actually higher in those who are overweight. So, you have to know that you are not overweight because of your slow metabolism.

  • You are Fat Because You Do Not Have the Willpower

Obesity can be controlled to some extent by diet control and exercise but this requires willpower.  There are many biological factors that your body has to deal with. There are genetic variables and hormonal conditions that could be the cause in many cases.

  • Avoid Carbohydrates, Sugars and Fats; Choose Diet Food Instead

It is easier for our body to break down the so called avoidable items rather than the artificial ingredients that replace them in dietary foods. So it is better to consume the naturally existing products and not the ones that have been modified to supposedly give us better health.

  • You Can Lose Weight By Counting Calories

If you keep a check on your daily calorie intake you might be able to control the weight gain for some time. It is not a permanent solution. The fact remains unchanged that all calories are not the same.  Calories from proteins and carbohydrates are different just as calories from natural foods and refined foods are. They have a different impact on your body.

  • To Lose Weight, Avoid Favourite Food

When we try and stop eating our favourite dishes, it leaves us unsatisfied. It restricts us in our lifestyle. When we eat what we like, we enjoy the food and the metabolism improves as a response from our body. This is due to the pleasure of eating what we enjoy.

If you really want to lose weight, eat what you enjoy and burn away the extra calories through various physical activities. Do not sit idle and simply blame it on the myths.

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