The Straight-Off-the-Runway Altuzarra Dress Every Fashion Person Is Ordering RN

Altuzarra has teamed up with shopping destination Rakuten to bring its understated Peggy dress straight from New York Fashion Week to your home, far ahead of the spring/summer 2024 season. 

The pretty dress has a special worn-in texture that the Altuzarra team developed by knitting with yarn that has a metal core. It comes with a lingerie-inspired slip for effortless dressing, a key theme in this special collection. Immediately following the designer's star-studded runway show with Nicky Hilton, Steph Shep, and Lucy Hale, fashion lovers are able to purchase the incredible knit dress until September 25, scoring 10% cash back via Rakuten.

So how did this clever shopping collaboration come together? Joseph Altuzarra saw it as an opportunity to speak directly to a new customer whom the brand may have not been reaching before and not just limit access to the editors and influencers who attend shows IRL in NYC. "New York has an energy and vibrancy that is fueled by fresh perspectives, new designs, and fast-paced atmospheres," explains Altuzarra. "I was born and raised in Paris, and when I arrived in New York, I felt a sort of freedom in the vibrancy." 

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Remember to begin your shopping trip at Rakuten to get 10% cash back. 

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