I Ranked My Entire Kayali Perfume Collection—These 8 Capture the Most Attention

I rarely ever say this, but I've loved every single fragrance I've tried from this one brand. It's a unicorn among perfume houses, and I have a close friend to thank for introducing me to it. One day, we met up before heading to an event, and I stopped her because she was wearing the most delicious perfume. It was sweet but not so sweet that it smelled too juvenile—just the perfect combination of warm and inviting.

She then told me it was from Kayali, the brainchild of Mona Kattan and the sister brand to Huda Beauty. Just catching one whiff of it had me hooked already, but this marked the beginning of a long love affair with the brand that continues to this day. Even though Kayali has a variety of scents (there's something for everyone!), I find that I even love the scents that aren't what I would normally gravitate toward. This is a true testament to the work the brand puts in when it comes to its formulas. If you haven't tried anything from the brand yet and want to, keep scrolling. I'm ranking all my favorites ahead. Believe me. It wasn't an easy task!

#8: Lovefest Burning Cherry 48

Key notes: Black cherry, rose damascena, palo santo

This one snags the eighth spot simply because cherry fragrances are an acquired taste. Some people absolutely love them while others can only think of cherry cough syrup when they spritz them on. Let's just say I see both sides on that one, but this particular cherry fragrance has a smokiness to it that other ones lack. Notes of rose damascena add a softness to it to make it a truly unique scent.

#7: Oudgasm Tobacco Oud 04

Key notes: White honey, tobacco, oud

I only rank this one a bit lower because I'm not huge on tobacco notes. This is part of a trio of new fragrances from the brand that all feature oud as the star note. I love oud because it's heady and sultry without being too overbearing. There's another perfume from this trio that I absolutely adore—you'll find it a little farther down this list.

#6: Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper 25

Key notes: Pink pepper, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood

This is a beautiful floral scent with a hint of spiciness thanks to the notes of pink pepper. Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper is unique because it contains an intense concentration of 25% oil, making it super long-lasting. You'll be sure to turn heads when you wear this flirty, delicate-leaning scent out.

#5: Vanilla 28

Key notes: Vanilla orchids, tonka absolute, amber woods

Additional notes of creamy jasmine, rich Madagascan vanilla orchid, and tonka create such a beautiful, well-rounded fragrance here. I normally don't gravitate toward strong vanilla scents, but this one has such gorgeous undertones that it's hard to resist.

#4: Oudgasm Vanilla Oud 36

Key notes: Vanilla, praline, oud

Even though we know Beyoncé has been spotted buying a bottle of Kilian's Angels' Share, this Kayali offering is exactly the kind of scent I imagine her having in her perfume wardrobe. It's mysterious and heady with a hint of sweetness.

#3: Eden Juicy Apple 01

Key notes: Juicy red apple, wild berries, jasmine

The best way I can describe this scent is nostalgic. It definitely reminds me of perfumes made in the early 2000s—think Juicy Couture, DKNY, and Candie's. It's both fruity and floral, but the fruity notes definitely shine through the most. I love wearing this one to events because it's a pretty fragrance that isn't too much. I also always get at least one compliment when I wear it out and about.

#2: Utopia Vanilla Coco 21

Key notes: Coconut, jasmine, vanilla bourbon

Warm floral perfumes are totally my jam. This one combines creamy notes of sandalwood with milky coconut and vanilla bourbon for a beautiful vacation-ready scent. It makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii or, at the very least, somewhere tropical and sunny.

#1: Yum Pistachio Gelato 33

Key notes: Pistachio gelato, cotton candy, whipped cream

Okay, I know some of you might consider this one a bit too sweet, and believe me—before trying it, I thought I would feel the same. To my surprise, this actually has become my favorite offering from the brand besides Utopia Vanilla Coco. I would normally never wear a perfume with notes of cotton candy, but this scent is subtly sweet, warm, and pretty. One of my favorite things about the brand is its ability to layer sweet notes so seamlessly into a formula without them being too saccharine.