I Just Got Back From London and Saw These 6 Trends Everywhere

I was recently lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Europe, stopping first in the United Kingdom before heading to the South of France. I spent my first week in London, a city that is always fun for a fashion observer like myself. The style in London is much more polished, especially compared to California, where we tend to have a more relaxed take on fashion. I love walking around the city and taking in all the street style, noting the more refined way of dressing that feels both quintessentially British and right on the pulse of current trends.

I noticed a few summer trends London fashion people have fallen particularly hard for, spotting the same handful of pieces all over the city. While the unpredictable London weather plays a role in which trends take off, certain summer styles marry seamlessly with the city's elevated aesthetic. TikTok's favorite quiet-luxury trend, for example, is just normal style in the UK's capital. Like every transatlantic visit, I returned from my trip feeling inspired to introduce some of London's favorite trends into my everyday wardrobe. And since London's weather is a bit cooler than California's, most of these are items I can wear straight through fall. From tailored trousers to summer's prettiest shoe style, these are the six best London trends to add to your wardrobe. 


The 6 best London trends for summer



Summer in London hits differently than summer in California, as rain and clouds frequently interrupt the sunshine. That's why the London fashion set are pros at styling a summer coat. This year is all about the classic cotton trench. The canvas or cotton material is lightweight enough for higher temperatures but will protect you from the frequent showers London is known for. Tailored basics like this are poised to be huge for fall, so this is one coat style well worth the investment. 


Trousers aren't a new trend in London, but they're currently having a moment in the fashion world. I saw trousers paired with everything from ribbed tanks to matching vests to oversize button-downs. Whether it's a slouchy low-rise pair or a classic tailored silhouette, trousers are a staple of British summer style. 

The best London trends for summer



For those rare hot summer days, women in London turn to tailored shorts to replace their favorite trousers. The elevated silhouette still feels polished paired with everything from T-shirts to collared shirts, and I prefer the linen and cotton of tailored shorts to denim any day. 


Women in London have fully embraced summer's prettiest shoe trend: ballet flats. These add extra polish to a sundress or tailored shorts, although I especially love them with jeans as Lucy Williams styled above. Ballet flats are only going to get more popular for fall, so I plan to stock up now. 


Step aside, maxi dresses. London is all about ribbed midi silhouettes at the moment. Not only is this style flattering, but the ribbed texture provides an elevated detail to even a basic tank dress. Dress this up or down easily with a simple shoe swap for a true day-to-night piece. 

The 6 best London summer trends



Nobody styles a button-down shirt quite like women in London, and this layering basic is officially everywhere this summer. Whether it's a classic white style or one adorned with stripes, British fashion people are all in on the timeless style. This is another classic piece that's set to gain even more steam come fall.