So You Like Anti-Trend Style? Following These 10 People Is a Must

Classic, refined, and elevated style seems to be a growing theme throughout the year thanks to influences like the quiet-luxury aesthetic and Sofia Richie's wedding wardrobe. If you're also after the simplicity of the anti-trend aesthetic, filling your feed with the right inspiration is a fail-safe way to achieve the look. In fact, we recommend looking to 10 of Instagram's best minimalist fashion accounts, in particular, for the chicest outfit ideas and well-vetted shopping suggestions. As students of anti-trend style ourselves, we've put together a short list of who to follow for a nonstop source of A+ looks.

These days, there are very few fashion people who have managed to remain relatively trend-agnostic within the bounds of their own closets. With so many micro-trends and varying niche aesthetics littering every corner of the internet, the women you're about to discover ahead are like a breath of fresh air. They're committed to their own sense of personal style and rarely stray far from the classic staples and select few labels that make up their wardrobes. Below, peruse our favorite accounts for minimal, anti-trend style, and be sure to add each of them to your follow list for a more stylish feed.

By day, Ilirida Krasniqi is a dental surgeon, but outside of the workplace, the Copenhagen-based creative showcases her impeccable sense of style to her 400k-plus Instagram followers. Krasniqi's style represents a growing theme in fashion that's all about reimagining wardrobe classics in a modern, cool way, and this approach has made her a cornerstone in the street style scene at fashion weeks across the globe. Refined and sophisticated with a hint of retro influences is how we'd describe her style, as there is always a balance to be found in her outfits—whether it's pairing a backless halter top with a long column skirt or a bustier top with relaxed trousers.



A student of the refined worlds of The Row and Khaite, Tylynn Nguyen is a longtime role model for anti-trend style. Her closet reads more like an archive for the aforementioned luxury labels than it does of a Los Angeles–based mom of three, and it's easy to spot the repeat wears in her hyper-simple outfit rotation, like the Khaite Danielle Jeans and The Row's leather belts. When it comes to Nguyen, her style is a case study in a "less is more" approach to wardrobing that anyone can benefit from.



If you're ever staring at your closet and start to feel like you have nothing to wear, beeline to Anouk Yve's page. The Dutch creator is a trove of outfit inspiration, and she has a knack for combining classic items that many of us own (a white blazer, a slip dress) in the chicest ways. Her outfits are timeless in the sense that they will still feel relevant five and 10 years from now.



Most of the time when we scroll on Instagram or TikTok for style inspiration, it leaves us with a desire to shop. When it comes to Sylvie Mus, we have the opposite urge: We want to raid our own closets to re-create one of her genius combinations. The Scandi-born Paris-based creator places a special emphasis on a selection of classic items like white button-downs, kitten-heel slingbacks, and slim-fit jeans. Her outfits are proof that investing in a high-quality version of an item can pay off.



If a modern French-girl aesthetic is what you're after, then Claire Rose Cliteur should be your number one style source. The Monegasque creator splits her time between London and New York, and her style is a harmonious blend of sensibilities from the South of France and NYC. 



While you may spot Lisbon-based fashion person Débora Rosa mixing in a trend-driven piece every now and again, her classic approach to dressing makes even the most divisive trends of the season, like mesh flats, seem downright approachable. With an emphasis on tailoring, Rosa is one you'll want to bookmark for lots of cool layering ideas and relaxed ensembles that are always put-together but never too sweet.



Jordan-Risa Santos is a social media strategist, the founder of Seen Library, and a content creator based in Los Angeles. Santos believes in using her platform to influence beyond the fashion, beauty, and wellness worlds and has devoted much of her work to advocacy for the causes she's passionate about. When it comes to her personal style, though, Santos is all about low-key, cool ensembles that feel at once effortless and well-curated.



If the name Annemiek Kessels doesn't ring a bell, then her imagery definitely will. You've likely seen her signature from-the-shoulders-down angle all over your Pinterest feed. With an extremely neutral color palette and rotation of simple, high-quality wardrobe staples, Kessels is a prime example of how anti-trend style can eschew anything too season-specific while still feeling very relevant for the current moment.

Do you wear jeans and flats a lot? Lorna Humphrey is an expert in the combination. Based in London, Humphrey is constantly making subtle tweaks to the same classic outfit base of straight-leg jeans and ballet flats, wearing a tailored blazer with it one day and a relaxed button-down shirt the next. In fact, her entire feed is one glowing advertisement for building a capsule wardrobe.



Last, but certainly not least, is Felicia Akerstrom, a digital creator whose overall vibe is chic with a capital C. Akerstrom is a master at mixing investment pieces like her Celine Triomphe Bag and Miu Miu ballet flats with affordable finds from Mango and Zara. Her outfits may always feature a designer accessory or two, but her classic sensibility is one that anyone can glean inspiration from.