I'm Going to Paris Next Month—Fall Pieces I Want In My Suitcase



Next month, I have a trip planned to visit Paris—one of my favorite destinations. Though I’ve traveled there at different times throughout the year, I’ve never visited during the fall and naturally, as a fashion editor, I've been thinking about the new-season pieces I will be packing into my suitcase. I am already envisioning the looks I’ll be wearing that are grounded in classic pieces and directional shapes—all with many opportunities for layering. 

While I always head to my closet when packing, I typically buy a few new pieces when I’m headed on a trip and also leave room in my suitcase for vacation shopping finds. Among the pieces I’m eyeing for my Paris wardrobe are capri pants, tailored outerwear, and items finished in cherry red. With that in mind, I made a list of the items sitting at the top of my shopping wish list for the trip. Ahead, see the shopping finds topping my list.

I feel inspired to wear utility pieces after spotting them in the S/S 24 Saint Laurent show.

While capri pants may be divisive, I'm ready to test-drive them.

Ballet flats have become a core piece in my wardrobe lately and I'm already planning on buying a pair from Chanel in Paris.

I want this top in every colorway.

Patent leather outerwear feels primed for Paris.

Just the right piece for a pop of red.

The jewelry brand every fashion person is snapping up.

The transitional way to wear cashmere? A knit tee.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this coat since I spotted in on the runway.

And no brand does denim better than Levi's.

Exactly what I want to wear with jeans.