I Only Want to Wear Cozy Things This Winter—29 Items on My Shopping List

Cozy winter items



Winter is coming closer and closer, and as the days grow shorter, there's a distinct yearning for warmth and comfort that permeates the air. I'm getting ready to step into my hibernation era and am finding so much comfort in the first sips of hot chocolate, oversize sweaters on repeat, and the candles I light to make my frequent nights in feel extra special.

As we embark on this winter journey, I invite you to join me in embracing a singular mantra: "I only want to buy cozy things this winter." This means seeking out soft, plush blankets to cozy up in, investing in warm and stylish knitwear, and indulging in the little luxuries that make our homes and lives cozier and more inviting. Let's explore the world of all things warm and comforting as we navigate the season with an unwavering commitment to coziness.

If you think hoodies aren't elevated, think again. This one pulls you in perfectly.

I wear these almost daily while I work from home and can't stop raving about them.

I'm not afraid to admit that it's most definitely Ugg season.

This tank top is the perfect thing to wear underneath everything you own.

If you don't like Birkenstocks, you haven't seen this pair.

I'm always shocked at how cozy everything at Aerie is.

I used to never wear sweatpants, but this is the kind of pair that changed me.

I sometimes wear this cardigan backward for two looks in one.

You don't know happiness until you know ALO sweatpants.

Wool coats offer next-level warmth and comfort.

My favorite thing to sleep in just so happens to be an oversize T-shirt.

I love the black trim on these knit pants.

Warm and cozy is the right way to go.

This became my most worn sweater of 2024 fast.

There are few pairs of jeans that I consider to be cozy, but this one takes the cake.

In the winter, all I want to wear is cozy knit sets.

This is the newest addition to my closet, and honestly, I'm obsessed.

I usually fear that affordable sweaters will be uncomfortable, but this is a good one.

When I'm being forced to leave my cozy attire behind, I'll slip into an easy maxi dress.

This is one of my favorite bras to wear when I want to skip the underwire.

I can just tell this feels like my most comfortable blanket.

Another Sézane sweater that TikTok is freaking out about.

Terry cloth isn't going anywhere.