These Are the 8 Best Halloween Nail Colors to Try

The season of spooky fashion (aka Halloween) crept up on us lightning fast. Now is the perfect time to start prepping your costume, which we've actually already started doing for you. We've spotlighted some great It girl–approved costumes, found modest dress-up ideas perfect for the office, and even looked to the internet for some costume trends that will be big.

We do recognize that costumes might not be everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't mean you can't be festive in some other way. Cool makeup is one option for adding a bit of spook to your routine without having to take a major fashion plunge, as is painting your nails with one of the below Halloween nail colors. Think blood red, slime green, and classic orange, plus a few more that can look just as spine-chilling as a skeleton costume. All of these are low-commitment ways to celebrate All Hallows Eve.

Ahead, see eight Halloween-appropriate polishes we'll be swiping on our nails when we're just not in the mood to piece together a costume.

1. Rouge Red

You can't go wrong with red nail polish. It's classic but also spooky, especially when paired with an all-black look. Vampire vibes, anyone?

Halloween Nail Colors: Red



2. Blackest Black

Black nail polishes ooze grunge, which is why it's perfect for the spooky season, but best of all, it pairs well with everything.

3. Slime Green

Slime green is still reigning supreme in the fashion and beauty worlds, and that's exactly why you should consider sporting the hue on your nails come Halloween. Plus, it's perfect for a Frankenstein-inspired nail design.

4. Burnt Orange

Sorry to state the obvious, but orange nail polish is about as essential to Halloween (and fall) as candy corn. 

Nail Colors for Halloween: Orange



5. Royal Purple

Royal purple is elegant, but when paired with a lacy black dress or a slime-green top, it becomes a tad bit more terrifying in the best way possible, of course.

Halloween Nail Colors: Purple



7. Metallic Shades

When in doubt, metallic it out. The shiny lacquer is great for a disco-inspired costume or maybe even a space-themed one. 

Nail Polish for Halloween: Metallics



8. Duochrome Shades

Duochrome polish is so versatile that it goes with any outfit, but it's especially great for Halloween. The trick of the light makes for a spooky surprise.