16 Timeless and Luxe Accessories You'll Never Regret Purchasing

Luxury Accessories from Net-a-Porter


Original Illustration by Ally Quirk

I'm officially at the age where I ask myself, "Would I pass this down to my future child?" before I purchase anything. Truthfully, it has less to do with the hypothetical kid and more to do with making smart investments, and lately, those pieces have all been falling under the "quiet luxury" category. We've read the headlines, and we've seen the TikToks—this trend is here to stay, and it's time to buy in.

When I'm shopping for these pieces, Net-a-Porter is my first stop. Its designer offerings are always on my wish list, starting with the Celine Triomphe sunnies and ending with the iconic Gucci Jackie bag. These are the no-regret items you'll keep forever, so keep scrolling to invest in yourself, the quiet-luxury vibe, and maybe a very lucky future grandchild.

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