9 Quiet Luxury Items the Fashion Crowd Is Wearing in Paris

Paris Couture Fashion Week for the F/W 23 season just wrapped up, and it's time to recap. Specifically, we should discuss street style. As expected, the show attendees really leaned into the quiet luxury trend with their chosen outfits, accessories, and the trends they chose to wear. This provided a contrast to the often extravagant looks that populate the runways during Couture Week, and it was refreshing to see, especially when fashion week street style is typically very showy.

Paris's fashion weeks, especially Couture Week, are typically fancier compared to some other cities' fashion weeks, but I spotted quite a few simple, even casual, looks this time around. However, that didn't make them any less luxurious. Among those low-key looks, I spotted several stand-out quiet luxury items repeated in photos from the week. Below, see some of the looks for yourself and shop the wearable items in question.

Logo-Less Bags

Logo-less bags from Bottega Veneta and The Row, in particular, are very popular right now, as was evident on the streets of Paris this week.

Linen Pants

Linen pants are one of the most popular items this summer (and every summer). They're polished and they keep you cool, so it's a given that they'd be a PFW mainstay in July.


I'm so glad the vest trend has lasted as long as it has, as they're so easy to wear and make any outfit look instantly chic.

Tweed Jackets

Tweed is something we see at each and every fashion week in Paris, and this season was no exception. A tweed jacket is as elegant and timeless as it gets, and you can wear it with everything from jeans to a silk gown.


All-black outfits were very popular among the show-goers and simple black dresses, in particular, were prevalent on every sidewalk outside of the shows.

Basic Blazers

A blazer in a neutral color elevates even jeans and a white tee. You can't go wrong.

Stretchy Headbands

Perhaps the most inexpensive quiet luxury trend, stretchy headbands were a major player at the shows.

Polished Denim

I saw more denim than usual at the couture shows this season, but it was always polished and well-accessorized.

White Button-Downs

Unbuttoned white button-downs were a popular outfit completer at the shows—especially over tank tops.