I Just Went to Copenhagen—6 Trends I'm Copying From All the Scandi Women



I'm always struck with waves of sartorial inspiration when I travel, but nothing could've prepared me for what was going to hit me during my few days in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yes, I've covered the city's street style during fashion week and seen snippets of the scene via Instagram, and I can confirm that everyone in that city is well-dressed, all while exuding a chill and effortless energy. 

Despite being OOO, I couldn't help but take note of trends and outfit combinations I saw on my trip. While perusing online, some may think of Scandinavian style as über-trendy. But what I saw IRL wasn't actually a copious amount of trends. It was people wearing daring items but infusing them into everyday wear, keeping things forward yet relaxed. Of course, people tend to keep the "statement" moments for Instagram, but the outfits I saw at the market or on the train during rush hour really had me thinking about style.  

Below, you'll find six wardrobe items that I saw everywhere in Copenhagen this past month and read about why they motivated me to get out of my fashion slump. I had a fresh new perspective when I came back to look at my closet and have already come up with plenty of outfit ideas for the current season. If you're in the mood to add a few new things, I've shopped out each as well. 

1. Sporty Trousers



I once tried to spice things up in college by wearing my fitted Adidas track pants with pointed-toe pumps, so you could say I'm a trendsetter. But years later, I'm ready to give the look a try again. This time, I'm opting for a more relaxed look with wide-leg track pants and a comfy T-shirt or poplin shirt. 

2. 50 Shades of White



Scandinavian style has a reputation for saturated shades and clashing prints, so I was surprised to see neutral outfits consisting of whites and creams.

3. Everything Oversize



I'm all for playing around with different silhouettes, but the Scandi fashion set taught me to not be so afraid of just sticking to one, even if it's all oversize. Sure, it may not be what we traditionally may consider "flattering," but fashion is all about breaking norms, right?

4. Statement Necklaces

Switch things up from your everyday jewelry with a statement pendant. And you're in luck because there are plenty of them on the market right now, from ocean-inspired pieces to runway-esque heart lockets.

5. Pops of Red



Red seems to be the It color of 2023, and I'm ready to add some pops of it into my wardrobe. 

6. Dresses Over Pants

What's better than skirts over pants? Dresses over pants. Some might find this trend a bit odd, but when I saw it on the Copenhagen streets, it looked nothing but ultra-chic, especially when done with monochromatic pieces.