Hailey Bieber's Nail Artist Says *This* Is the Next Buzzworthy Manicure Trend

If there's one person who can accurately predict the biggest manicure trends to come, it's Zola Ganzorigt. With a client base that includes Hailey Bieber, Sydney Sweeney, Kylie Jenner, and Christina Aguilera, she's quite literally the go-to nail artist for It girls everywhere. She's also the nail artist behind one of the most famous manicure trends in recent memory: glazed donut nails. So, yeah, her resume speaks for itself. 

Recently, Ganzorigt partnered with the online wedding platform Zola. (Yes, there are two Zolas.) We were able to catch up with Ganzorigt to talk about this new partnership, the best bridal nail polish shades, and the trends we can expect to see this fall. Keep scrolling for all this and more (and get ready to see some serious nail inspiration). 

Hailey Bieber Manicure



The Biggest Fall Manicure Trends

Fall manicure trends are the topic currently top of mind for every beauty editor. Can we expect to see the traditional moody nail colors that we see every fall? Are we working with long or short nails? And what about more glazed donut goodness? According to Ganzorigt, there are both old and new trends coming our way. 

"I'm thinking aura nails are coming back, which I'm actually obsessed with," Ganzorigt says. "Every single client of mine is asking for aura nails, even Christina Aguilera. She was like, 'You need to find more airbrushed nail designs for me because I love it.' It's not only Christina. So many of my clients are asking for airbrushed nails. I think that's going to be big."

Aura Nails



Here's an example of aura nails Ganzorigt created for Madelaine Petsch. You don't need fancy equipment or an expert's touch to achieve a similar look at home. Ganzorigt says you can use blooming gel, which is a special base coat that causes the color put on top to disperse across the nail, creating a cool aura effect. You can also use a makeup sponge in the same way you would create an ombre look (just dab and blend). Finally, you can use eyeshadow (rub a powdered eyeshadow on top of a base coat and apply a top coat to seal it in). 

Unsurprisingly, Ganzorigt says that moody, dark shades will also be big. "Every fall, it's a darker color, like rusty brown or rusty orange—that kind of color gets really popular," Ganzorigt says. Her favorite is brown, which mimics the leaves on the trees. 

"Brown to Earth is a really good brown color for fall," Ganzorigt says.

"I forgot the name, but I remember the number. That's a really good brown color," Ganzorigt says.

"I also like Malaga Wine by OPI," Ganzorigt says. "It's not brown; it's more of a deep red, but that's a really good fall color. Every fall, that's my most in-demand color."

The Biggest Wedding Manicure Trends

Since Ganzorigt is partnered with a wedding platform, and she's counting down the days until her own nuptials take place, we had to talk wedding manicures too. Ganzorigt says that, according to a Zola survey, this year's brides are focused primarily on neutral manicures in shades of wedding white. No surprise there, but Ganzorigt also says glazed donut nails are making their way into bridal circles. "They're like the new French manicure," she says. "It's the new signature wedding nails for brides." Consider it the modern-day and Hailey Bieber-approved take on a traditional wedding manicure.

Wedding Nails



Ganzorigt says neutral and nude nail designs are her trademark, so she has specific nail shades to recommend. Here's the thing, though. She never uses just one shade. She mixes her three favorite shades to create a bespoke color that compliments each client's skin tone.

"I empty that polish so fast," Ganzorigt says of this neutral pink shade.

"OPI is really good for neutral colors," Ganzorigt says.

"I like to mix and match," Ganzorigt says.

"I really love Funny Bunny, which is a milky white color," Ganzorigt says. "It's really subtle and pretty, and it's the original glazed donut nails under-shade color. That's my go-to soft white color that will be really pretty for brides."

Bridal manicures are especially relevant, seeing as Ganzorigt's own wedding is coming up. "When it comes to my nails, I always feel so much pressure," she says. "I was so excited when Zola asked me to create my own wedding nails! I'm going to do my own nails for my wedding because I'm so picky that I don't trust anyone else."

She started with her trademark—glazed donut nails—but this time, she chose to do the look in a soft shade of vanilla. Then, she added a subtle design on her ring finger. "I added two connected little hearts on my ring finger, which is actually Zola's logo, but the meaning behind it is that I'm from Mongolia originally, and Mongolia has its own wedding ring symbol; it's two connected triangles. It means together and forever. I wanted to represent that."

At-Home Manicure Essentials

At-Home Manicure



Ganzorigt says the most important part of any at-home manicure, wedding or otherwise, is prep. Start by cutting and filing your nails into your preferred shape. For Ganzorigt, that's either short and square or medium-length almond-shaped nails. "The shape that people request the most is a medium almond shape," she says. "You see it everywhere. It's personally my favorite nail shape. It's the most natural-friendly nail shape because it doesn't break as easily as other nail shapes. It also makes your fingers look longer. I'm also seeing a lot of my clients switch to short, square nails. I did that shape on Kylie [Jenner]."

The only nail shape she doesn't like is coffin, which is a long nail that's squared off at the tip. "That's really outdated to me," she says. "When my clients ask me, I'm like, 'No, you're not doing this. You can make it short and square, but no coffin."

Once your nail shape is decided, it's time to start cleaning up your cuticles. "Cleaning up your cuticle is really important to making your manicure look nice and also last longer," she says. She recommends a nail pusher tool and a pre-polish treatment called Bond Aid that works like a primer to make your manicure last longer. 

Once the nails are painted, Ganzorigt says it's important to seal them with a top coat. "Any top coat is the same to me, as long as it's shiny because I like that finish." To extend the life of your manicure, she recommends applying another layer of top coat the day after the initial manicure. This seals the color in even further and helps prevent chipping. And that's how you accomplish an easy yet professional-looking at-home manicure. 

"This gives a really shiny finish," Ganzorigt says.