Fashion Is Wellness—These Outfit Formulas Make My Confidence Skyrocket
Fashion Is Wellness—These Outfit Formulas Make My Confidence Skyrocket

Fashion Is Wellness—These Outfit Formulas Make My Confidence Skyrocket

Whenever it's time to discuss wellness journeys or how to improve our overall health, fashion is often left out of the conversation. But whether you're getting dressed for work (even when you work from home) or wearing a matching set to your 8 a.m. Pilates class, fashion is inevitably part of the wellness equation. There's an indestructible confidence that radiates when I step outside my apartment in a cool 'fit, and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm much nicer when I like my outfit.

I spend hours on end looking at influencers' outfit photos on social media, my fellow editors' office ensembles, and even the models' looks on my favorite retailer's website. My ultimate goal is to get inspiration for confidence-boosting looks. I mean, who doesn't want to be told, "You look so good!" by a stranger or take photos in an outfit that feels Instagram worthy (my personal definition of wellness). This season, there are specific outfit formulas that give me a boost of confidence before I even get the chance to send a photo to my friends. They're way too cool to keep to myself, so below, I'm sharing the top four outfit formulas that have made my confidence skyrocket this season.

Name a more iconic duo than jeans and a button-up. I'll wait. This pairing has been a mainstay on the long list of wardrobe essentials for decades, following me through every awkward phase, life transition, and style evolution. With a million ways to sport it (untucked and loose, tucked in and polished, or belted and secure), this outfit formula feels like a no-brainer. As we become louder about quiet luxury and quieter about the items that enter and immediately leave the trend cycle, this outfit recipe continues to stand the test of time. You can catch me in a belted denim-on-denim look and square-toed sandals this season.

Waistcoats have transitioned from must-have trend to wardrobe staple. They work for every single season and can be layered over your favorite blazer or under a plain, white tee. For the warmer months, I've been wearing them as vests with a looser-fitting pant. Jeans, oversize trousers, and linen pants all fit the bill. The buttons elevate the look, but the loose-fit pants give it that cool, relaxed element.

If you're not wearing a swimsuit from June to September, is it even summer? My summer isn't complete without the three Bs: beaches, boats, and bikinis. In honor of this motto, I'll be re-creating the quintessential matching set with a bikini top all season long. It doesn't get more effortless than an oversize button-up and pants to match. Wear with sandals for a boat day or heels for post-beach dinner. Depending on your personal style, you can go for bright hues that pack a punch or our beloved whites and blacks. I love that the bikini top can peak through the shirt or be completely covered up at any point in the day. Having control of how much skin I'm showing gives me the ultimate confidence.

I can always count on an all-black ensemble to make me feel 10 times more put together than I actually am. It's my backup option when I get that "I have nothing to wear" feeling. Maxi hemlines have been a comfort piece in my summer wardrobe, so when in doubt, I go for a maxi skirt and a baggy top. Oh, and I can't forget the pointed-toe heels to top off the look. Wearing this easy yet elevated ensemble feels like a cheat code to getting dressed for work, dinner, or events in the city.