7 Things Fashion People Always Wear to Football Games

I'll admit it—seeing Taylor Swift cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs from a luxury suite has piqued my interest in football a bit. Recent questions I've asked my husband have included "What is the quarterback yelling about while they're all frozen in their positions?" and "Why did the ref just throw a yellow thing on the field?". Yeah, I'm that clueless about football, as I usually just watch the cheerleaders at the games I've attended. But at least I have some ideas about what to wear to a football game.

Football games are long and cramped, so the main objective should be to be comfortable. The secondary objective should be to represent your chosen team (à la Taylor). You also probably want to look cute and have everything you need for the day on hand. This is all a little easier said than done so I'm here to discuss a few key items that'll help you to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Football season is in full swing so let's get to it.


Much of football season takes place during the fall, so you never really know what you're going to get when it comes to the weather. Factor in if the stadium is indoors or outdoors and the time of day and temperatures could be all over the place on game day. Take my advice and dress in layers (i.e. a light jacket over a sweater over a T-shirt).

Team Colors

Choosing an outfit that incorporates your team's colors is one of the most fun things about getting dressed for a game (in my opinion). Staud is making it very easy to do so this football season with its NFL collection.

Taylor Swift at a Kansas City Chiefs game


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Chic Stadium-Approved Bags

Different stadiums have different bag requirements, but either clear bags or small clutch-size bags are the standard these days. If you attend sporting events or concerts regularly, this is something that's worth adding to your closet.

Ciara at a football game


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Conversation-Starting Pieces 

Standing out amongst the thousands of football game attendees isn't easy, but it's possible. If that's your goal, wear that conversation-starting T-shirt or accessory.

Walkable Shoes

Unfortunately, where you're likely to get out of the car is probably nowhere near where you'll be sitting for the game. Choose your footwear accordingly (my recommendation is speakers or flat boots).

Easy Jewelry

Wearing cumbersome, heavy, or loud jewelry to a football game can quickly get annoying so my advice is to keep it simple and choose lightweight pieces you barely even know are there.

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift at a Kansas City Chiefs game


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Hats and Sunglasses

Especially if the stadium is outdoors, you're going to want to protect your face and eyes from the sun, so don't forget the hat and sunglasses.