5 Winter Color Trends Every Fashion Person Will Be Wearing Into 2024

Winter color trends


The Attico via Imaxtree; Courtesy of The Row; Courtesy of Fendi; Courtesy of Altuzurra; Courtesy of Ferragamo

When I think of winter fashion, my first thought often goes to well-dressed people gravitating toward warm neutrals among a sea of everyone else wearing boring black coats. As the fashion crowd dons their neutrals, it becomes clear that color isn’t something that I initially associate with winter. In the rush to feel as warm as possible, comfort comes first, and that occasionally means that the concept of wearing color goes out the window.

I’m on a mission to make things different this year by adopting some bright and fun colors. I did a lot of scrolling to discover the best color schemes from the fall 2023 runways and also snuck in some options that ruled the spring 2024 runways for early adopters, and these common themes must be noted. Below, find the five winter color trends every fashion person will be wearing into 2024.

Best winter color trends: oxblood


Courtesy of Gucci; The Attico via Imaxtree; Saint Laurent via Imaxtree

This fall, striking shades of red have been pulling every neutral lover out of their shell. People are adopting this bold pop of color like no other. As we ease into winter, I think the fashion crowd will find themselves wanting something a bit deeper and gravitating toward oxblood accessories and staples.

Winter color trends: light green


Courtesy of Eckhaus Latta; Courtesy of Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of The Row

Green is another color that took the world by storm and was on everybody faster than lightning. Winter is a bit more subdued, so instead of the Bottega kelly green that we’ve all come to know, try wearing these light-green shades that remind me of olive oil. Sophistication at its finest. 

Winter color trends: corporate grey


Courtesy of Gucci; Courtesy of Fendi; Courtesy of Ferragamo

Being a working woman has never been cooler, and whether you work in an office or out of your own kitchen, you’ve got to have a look at the fashion industry’s newfound appreciation for workwear in all forms, especially when it comes in gray. Corporate girlies unite.

Winter color trends: power purple


Courtesy of Victoria Beckham; Courtesy of Alexander McQueen; Courtesy of Altuzarra

This bold shade of purple has been associated with royalty since BCE years. Since it’s a less popular colorway right now, wearing it shows everyone that you have a love for fashion. I love mixing and matching this colorway with other bold hues.

Winter color trends: the color black


Courtesy of Ferragamo; Courtesy of Chloé; Courtesy of Versace

It sounds obvious, but black has a choke hold on me right now. The number of ways to put together an all-black outfit are endless, so don’t be afraid if your closet is filled with only black pieces. It’s an easy way to make a statement, and if you want to look like a New Yorker, it’s the first place to go.